Accesible interface for users with sight loss on RealBridge
This interface has been developed with the collaboration of RealBridge to provide accesibility to visually impaired users to the platform
To achieve this goal a script written on javascript will increase functionality to the code giving support to audio and keyboard interface.
For the code to load into the page, the best solution is to use a browser extension called Tampermonkey which is totally free and available for all popular browsers
So the steps should be as follows:
  • Install Tampermonkey on your browser
  • Find and download the audio/keyboard interface script
  • Activate the script
  • Join a RealBridge game

The instructions to install Tampermonkey are on this video:
But I will show it as well anyway:
Go HERE and download the version for your browser, google Chrome is the one where I run all the tests, but anyone should work in theory